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Yves De Clercq
FCI Executive Director
Hounds - FCI European Cup Trials – 9-10 November in Brandlucken (Austria)

Centenary of the Austrian Hunting Dogs Association (Österreichischer Jagdgebrauchshunde-Verband - ÖJGV) – this was the motto for the running of the 20th FCI European Cup Trials for Hounds organised by the Österreichischer Kynologenverband (ÖKV) on 9/10 November 2012, in Styria for solo dogs and in Burgenland for pack dogs.

© Mr C-G Gustafsson
Wonderful area of Brandlücken (AT)

In Austria, the Austrian Hunting Dogs Association is, in cooperation with the Österreichischer Kynologenverband, the representative for all hunting matters, such as hunting dog trials and hunting dog judging, and is the competent partner for all questions concerning hunting dogs. In the course of the centenary year, the ÖKV organised this event as a contribution to the ÖJGV celebrations. The organisation team, made up of Anton Schoberwalter, Curator of the European Canine Museum, ÖJGV Vice-President Leopold Ivan, Erich Temmel and Gottfried Schmied, provided the guests, dog handlers and judges with an impressive ambience and hunting ground possibilities in Austria under the leadership of Gert Dobrovolny.

In his opening address, Gert Dobrovolny pointed out that the aim of this event was to retain and promote the awareness of the common bond between lovers of hounds throughout Europe as well as traditional and established hunting with hounds, with due regard for the hunting aspects. It was a unique opportunity for all participants, though especially for the judges, to get to know the many diverse breeds of hound hardly seen in Austria and also experience the way they work.

Pack of Segugio Italiano working

At the opening and drawing of lots for the hunting grounds, Gert Dobrovolny welcomed ÖJGV President Johannes Schiesser, ÖJGV Vice-President Leopold Ivan, the President of the FCI Commission for Hounds Curt-Christer Gustafsson from Sweden, Heinz Vog, the delegate of the FCI Commission for Hounds from Germany, Manfred Pircher from Switzerland, Knut H. Jellum from Norway , Matti Lehmussarri from Finland and Giannantonio Gianluca from Italy, the regional hunting dog consultant of the Styrian hunting association, Karl Haidic, district hunting master Josef Kleinhappel and district hunting dog expert Gerhard Schanzer from Weiz, veterinarian Henriette Lehmann, ÖKV’s office manager Elisabeth Manner, the Wiez hunting horn blower group, as well as all the judges, dog handlers and hunting ground marshals among the numerous guests in attendance.

ÖJGV President, Master Handler Johannes Schiesser, referred to performance-oriented and controlled hunting dog breeding to ensure that our hunting utility dogs continue in the future to meet the high hunting standards required through such extremely selective trials. He regarded it as the domain of the hound to continue to promote and scrutinise the still hunting of hares and foxes. President Schiesser then presented the long-time representative of the ÖJGV Hound Commission, Erich Temmel, with the “Small Badge of Honour in Gold”.

OKV President, Dr Kreiner M. and President of the FCI Commission for Hounds, Mr C-G Gustafsson

ÖKV’s President Dr Michael Kreiner described these trials as the most original work of the hound through which we are able to demonstrate the performance level of our dogs to the general public and the hunting community with due regard for the running of such trials in accordance with animal welfare and correct hunting principles. The Alpine Dachsbracke, the Austrian Black and Tan Hound, the Coarse-haired Styrian Hound and the Tyrolean Hound have their origin in Austria and have earned special kynological interest under the patronage of the ÖKV.

Italy took part with two packs of Italian Short Haired Hounds, with one Finnish Hound and one Beagle competing in the solo dog trials from Finland, in addition to one Bernese and one Lucerne Scenthound from Switzerland, one Lucerne Scenthound and one Tyrolean Hound from Germany, one Norwegian Hound and one Halden Hound from Norway, one Hamiltonstövare and one Beagle from Sweden, two short-haired Istrian Hounds from Croatia, plus one Coarse-haired Styrian Hound and one Tyrolean Hound from Austria. The competitor from San Marino with his Italian Short Haired Hound bitch was, unfortunately, not able to take part.

Entertainment at the closing dinner

14 of the most varied breeds of hounds from 9 countries demonstrated their ability on a hunting ground of 15,000 hectares for the solo dogs and 500 hectares for the pack dogs thanks to the kindness of a large number of hunting ground owners and leaseholders. Despite the good conditions of the hunting grounds, not all of the solo dogs were able to find and hunt a hare. The partly wet soil and stormy autumn wind presented the pack dogs with considerable difficulties, with the result that neither of the packs was able to achieve an adequate result to win a European Cup.

ÖKV’s President Dr Michael Kreiner was welcomed for the prize giving and he also presented the two colleagues Erich Temmel and Gottfried Schmied with the “The ÖKV’s bronze badge of honour for special services to kynology”.

Solo competition:

  • 1st place (solo competition) and European Champion : Bo Ynger and his Beagle (Sweden)
    1st place SWEDEN EUROPEAN CUP WINNER 2012, CACIT, BEAGLE, dog handler Bo Ynger
  • 2nd place (solo competition) : Norwegian Dunker, owned by Helge Tikkbakke, with 123 points.
    2nd place NORWAY NORWEGIAN HOUND, dog handler Helge Stikkbakke
  • 3rd place SWEDEN HAMILTONSTÖVARE, dog handler Karl Engvall
  • 4th place NORWAY HALDEN HOUND, dog handler Torgeir Sandnos
  • 5th place CROATIA ISTRIAN HOUND short-haired, dog handler Hrvatin Graciano
  • 6th place FINLAND BEAGLE, dog handler Tenho Tikkanen
  • 7th place SWITZERLAND LUCERNE SCENTHOUND, dog handler Walter Jäger
  • 8th place CROATIA ISTRIAN HOUND short-haired, dog handler Oplanić Ivan

Pack competition:

  • 1st place (pack competition) and European Champion : Pack of Segugio
    1st place, IInd prize ITALIAN SHORT-HAIRED HOUND, dog handler Generotti Carlo, Italy
  • 2nd place, IInd prize ITALIAN SHORT-HAIRED HOUND, dog handler Pedretti Battista, Italy

The next FCI European Cup Trials will be held in Finland on 20/21 September 2013 in Finland.

Gert Dobrovolny
Member of the FCI Commission for Hounds of the 6th Group